Tweak your Passion into a Project

In part two of our interview with Saya Hillman she talks about her revenue strategy starting out.  She talks about identifying the goals on her list and tweaking them.  Saya identifies Dance Experiment as one of her goals that she had to tweak to make possible.  She gathered 16 people that she knew but none of them knew each other.  The criteria was that they didn’t know each other, couldn’t dance and were scared to perform in front of people.  She hired a choreographer, rented out a dance studio and practiced with the crew for three months.  There was such a good response that they performed two shows after the first one was sold out.  This is a perfect example of taking an idea and tweaking it into a working project.

Saya offers her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and people who want to leave their traditional job and start working on something they are passionate about.

You can watch the interview on youtube. If you missed part 1 with Saya you watch it here.

Im not always CREATIVE during 9am-5pm

While in Chicago we stopped off to talk with Saya Hillman, who requested a stop.  She worked in the non profit space for four years before venturing out on her own.  When she was let go from her job, she sat back and made a list of all the things she wished she could do that would make her money.  Saya has moved forward on many of those initial ideas and made them a reality in her current business.  Saya openly says that she will never work for a boss again and she credits this thinking to a few things, one being the idea that traditional work environments expect you to be fully creative and efficient Monday through Friday during the hours of 9am and 5pm. If you are feeling more creative on a Friday evening that is just not acceptable.

Saya advices entrepreneurs to make a list of your ‘Ideal Utopia’, but cautions that this list will not come try in its entirety.  The list is an exercise to categorize and envision your ideal world.

You can watch the interview on youtube and follow her on twitter.

What’s your passion? What’s in your wheel house?

Interview with Michael Von Osch

In Atlanta we had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Van Osch of thinktank:men, former VP at an Ad Agency turned entrepreneur with a little acting in between.  Michael was let go in 2001 and he identifies that moment as the time he finally sat down and took a serious look at what was ‘right’ for him.  With his Movember moustache in tact he talks about life after being let go from his job.

He asked himself two questions …

1.What am I passionate about?

2. What is in my wheel house?

Michael says it took a long time to figure out those two questions, but one thing in the back of his mind was a quiet thought “I want to be an actor”.  So with no formal training he tried out for a show and landed a role in the one man show, Defending the Caveman.  Which lead to some great learnings and another pivot a few years later where he launched thinktank:men.

You can watch part 1 of our interview with Michael on Youtube.