Interview with Gangplank

Smack in the middle of downtown Chandler is a wonderful work space that brings creativity, innovation and collaboration to the area.  Gangplank HQ is not the traditional coworking center, they pride themselves on being a collaborative space. Anyone can work out of Gangplank and on any given day there are around 50 people that do.  The cost of entry to the space is free.  As Katie explained, “the people of Gangplank trade in social capital not monetary capital”.  Their idea is that by keeping things free where no money exchanges hands real innovation can happen because everyone is on equal footing.

Below is a recap of the interview from youtube.

You can watch the full interview on vimeo.

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  1. Thanks again guys for coming in – glad you got to see our vision and work thus far. Come on back anytime!

    • ajleon says:

      Dude, you guys are revolutionaries. The more I think about our time with you, the more inspired I get. You’re doing something special out there, bro, it’s like poetry. And I am just pleased that I had the opportunity to be a part of it for one day. Good luck with everything, Chuck, and if you or any of the Gangplank crew are ever in NYC, ping us. 🙂

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