Tweak your Passion into a Project

In part two of our interview with Saya Hillman she talks about her revenue strategy starting out.  She talks about identifying the goals on her list and tweaking them.  Saya identifies Dance Experiment as one of her goals that she had to tweak to make possible.  She gathered 16 people that she knew but none of them knew each other.  The criteria was that they didn’t know each other, couldn’t dance and were scared to perform in front of people.  She hired a choreographer, rented out a dance studio and practiced with the crew for three months.  There was such a good response that they performed two shows after the first one was sold out.  This is a perfect example of taking an idea and tweaking it into a working project.

Saya offers her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and people who want to leave their traditional job and start working on something they are passionate about.

You can watch the interview on youtube. If you missed part 1 with Saya you watch it here.

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